The SSA is a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Research Society, Europe’s biggest applied research institution and is now operated by a management team. Fraunhofer is a German Non-for-Profit Organisation and is partly financed by the German government.

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The SSA strongly builds on the knowledge gained as part of the research done in the international Morgenstadt Innovation Network. Morgenstadt is a community of over the time almost 100 cities, companies and research institutes together investigating sustainable developments for cities – long before the term Smart Cities was widely used.

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Light House

TU/e LightHouse provides expertise in smart lighting and smart city solutions based on the knowledge of the TU/e (Eindhoven University of Technology). TU/e LightHouse applies knowledge, methods and designs of the different departments of the university in practical applications and viable, sustainable lighting and smart city solutions. We co-create solutions together with cities, as well as with multinationals, SMEs and start‑ups. In this work integrate the knowledge of TU/e, the competences of students and the practical experience of the project producers.

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