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Urban Movement

Become a Certified Smart City Manager- Expert in Urban Movement

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Urban Space

Become a Certified Smart City Manager- Expert in Urban Space

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4S Brainport

(Eindhoven, NL)

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The Smart Society Academy Team

Blend Of Learning Methodologies

Leveraging the knowledge of the community

We do not own a campus, laboratories or big meeting facilities. We are a small management team experienced in practical Smart City projects and applied research. Our main assets are the expertise of our teachers, Smart City implementations and facilities of our partners. This flexibility allows us to get you to the places where you can learn the most, with the people you can learn the most. We use a blend of distance learning, in-class sessions, workshops, case studies and lego-like technology experiences to provide the courses fitting your needs. No matter if you work full-time or are a student interested in a summer course - we provide you with up-to-date knowledge and all the tools necessary to innovate towards becoming a Smart Society.

State Of The Art Teaching

Knowledge from practical insights gathered in real-world project

The Smart Society Academy finds the best possible teachers to achieve your learning targets. These experts range from professional educators, through scholars to practitioners of Smart City projects. They can be engineers, scientists, designers, CEOs or actually getting their hands dirty. The most important criteria for a teacher is to have and be able to transfer cutting edge knowledge on Smart Cities and Societies. We got to know many of our experts from European Smart City projects, the Morgenstadt Network and the Fraunhofer Research Society. Contact us to become a teacher in one of our programs if you feel you fit the profile and want to share it.